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Guardian Dog/Puppies

Welcome to the Guardian Family!! This program is designed for families that would love a puppy/dog without the upfront cost. The Guardian program is designed to place a puppy or full grown adult in a home at an earlier stage in life verses later, reducing the stress from placing later in life. We insist our dogs/puppies live in a normal loving home vs being locked in a cage it's whole breeding life like some "breeders" do. All of our guardian dogs must be well behaved and know basic commands with back up a trainer of our choice. We strive for amazing demeanor in the breed. The Guardian program is for a breeding potential puppy/dog to still be a part of our breeding program just not living in our home. Breeder is fully responsible for ALL breeding costs, also will provide some shots (not including Rabies & Lyme) such as Puppy series and yearly Vaccinations. This program is not for everyone, as you will have to surrender the Puppy/dog at times! Although you get very attached to him/her, they must return to the breeder at times for Health Testing/Xrays, Shots, Heat Cycles, Breeding, Whelping (will be with us for approx 7-8 Weeks for Birthing Process- This is the longest of the stays). Once puppies are fully weaned, the Mother is returned back to their guardian home. Once retired, approx around age of 5 Years Old (Females), they are 100% yours for the rest of their life! Guardian Homes are to spay and provide record to Breeder.
Males retiring age varies. Males visit for breif breeding then return home!
If a future potential puppy/dog FAILS health testing, they are offered at half price for pet home. Guardian will then Spay/neuter and contract is no longer active.
There are some requirements:
* Must feed the recommended food (TLC)
* For Female Guardian, must live locally to Valparaiso/Chesterton, IN (45 miles Radius)
* Must commit to some travel (meeting for tests/breedings/visits)
* Must fill out our Application/Legal signed contract & Provide proof of Residence and ID
* Maintain proper Safety/Health/Care/Grooming of said Guardian Puppy/Dog
*  No interference with the Breeding process. Our vet is a Breeding Specialist with lots of Wisdom and Experience!
* Must be knowledgeable & Informative about the Heat Cycle (signs of heat in a female dog)
* Follow simple safety guidelines from Breeder (Crate Training/Leash/Fence... etc)
* Use Breeder's Vet (Vale Park Animal Hospital)
* Guardian Home is responsible for Spay/Neuter & Provide Medical Record of procedure.

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**We're always looking for future Guardian homes!**

Contact us if Local (Within 45 miles) to Chesterton/Valparaiso, IN and interested in becoming a guardian family!
Please fill out the Guardian Application below and email us a copy!

Males MUST be within 15 Miles Due to travel
*Breeding Contract Applies*

mini bernedoodle

We will be adding a Petite/Mini Bernedoodle Stud to our program soon! He will be approx  20-30 Lbs# full grown.

Males MUST be within 15 Miles due to some travel required. Prefer Valparaiso/Chesterton, IN Area due to travel
*Breeding Contract Applies*

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