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Fino Sherry... 

She is an F1B Mini Sheepadoodle. This precious baby we kept from her beautiful mother Stella! She is a stunning Blue Merle Sheepadoodle! She's as sweet and mellow as they come and loves to snuggle! She is part of our guardian program.

F1B Mini Sheepadoodle- Blue Merle
Weight: 32 Lbs
Height: 21"
DOB: 6/29/2019
Colors: Merle, Black & White, Sable, Phantom, Chocolate
Parents: Stella/Blue Storm

DNA Health Testing: Paw Prints Genetics
Degenerative myelopathy:  Clear
Exercise-induced collapse:  Clear
GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle)- Clear
Multidrug resistance 1:  Clear
Primary ciliary dyskinesia:  Clear
Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures:  Clear
Osteochondrodysplasia- Clear
Preliminary Ciliary Dyskinesia- Clear
Progressive rod-cone degeneration:  Clear
Von Willebrand disease I: Clear

Furnishings/IC Gene: F/F Clear
Dilute: D/d Carrier
Curl +/+

DR.Wallace/eVet: Pelvis/Elbows:  Normal/Excellent
Patellas: Normal

Berry Swizzle... 

She is an F1B Mini Sheepadoodle. I am over the moon about breeding this beautiful baby and bringing Chocolate Merles to our program. I couldn't be any happier! She is as fun as it comes. She is a part of our guardian program in my family.

F1B Mini Sheepadoodle- Chocolate Merle
Weight: 28 Lbs
Height: 19 Inches
DOB: 2/4/2020
Colors: Merle, Black, Chocolate, Tri/Phantom, Sable
Parents: Stella/Blue

DNA Health Testing: Embark
195 Variants DNA: Clear

Furnishings/IC Gene: FF
Dilute: NonDilute
Curl: +/- Wavy
Merle: M*m/Harlequin hh

DR.Wallace/eVet: Pelvis/Elbows:  Normal/Good
Patellas: Normal

Retired Sheepadoodles

Our dogs are raised in guardian homes so they have a loving, normal cage/kennel free life in a family setting. Our Guardians are placed in their loving homes as pups and will retire with their guardian families for life.

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